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What We Offer


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Engraved Clocks

The clocks are 1inch thick edge-glued beech.  Other wood options can be discussed. Current stock is W 7.5 X L7.5 and can go up to 11X11.  You can send me your own design.  All movements are quartz.  Wall hanger is provided or clock can be stood up.

Clocks starting at $25.

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Engraved Plaques

The plaques can be any size up to 11 X 11.  Maple is a good choice.  Carving is airbrushed so the letters stand out. Your favorite quote is welcomed. Simple graphics can be added as shown.

Plaques starting at $25.


Tea Candle Holders

The holders are either oak or poplar. Additional woods will be coming available. Height is an option.  Currently the sizes are 3, 4, and 5 inch. Each holder comes with spare tea candles.

Prices starting at $18.


Veteran Owned Company

20 years active duty in United States Coast Guard

followed by 28 years civil service in United States Coast Guard

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*Products are shown in various states of completion.